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Au revoir 'Osbourne'

Sargasso Sea film shown in London

Special Edition Newsletter Spring 2012

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Sargasso Sea film shown in London

ACPs educational film aimed at raising awareness about Bermuda’s role in an international campaign to preserve the Sargasso Sea was screened at “Project Ocean Talks” sponsored by London retailer Selfridges and attended by international conservationists, legislators and government representatives, including Bermuda’s Director of Environmental Protection Dr. Fred Ming, who spoke at the event.
The six-minute short commissioned by ACP was made by LookBermuda and describes the eco-rich area in the middle of the North Atlantic west of Bermuda that’s populated with a diverse range of creatures and plants, including the namesake floating seaweed, Sargassum. Local and international conservationists, teaming with the Bermuda government, have launched an effort to have the Sargasso Sea protected by law.