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Rubis calendars will now be sold

Scott Neil
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

After 42 years of being free, the Rubis calendar will now cost $5 each.

Proceeds from sales of the popular service station calendar will benefit nine local charities, while customers will be able to use a fuel savings package of monthly specials that comes with each calendar.

Rubis Energy Bermuda, in a statement, said: “We believe that the 2021 Rubis calendar brings to the added value, as not only will it benefit a few charitable organisations that had been hard hit by 2020, but also our beloved customers who may face some uncertain times in 2021. Although this is a step in a different direction, we felt that donating to Bermuda’s charities, and offering fuel savings to our customers, was the best approach to take in 2021.”

The company said that while the move to charge for the calendars, which have been free since 1977, is a departure from the past, it was confident that the public will see the $5 price as helping organisations that improve the welfare of the community, while also providing the opportunity to save on fuel during the year.

“We hope this example of community give back will offset any disappointment one may have with the calendar’s price point. In addition, the fuel savings one can achieve with the purchase of a calendar is valued at $34, which is almost seven times the purchase price.”

The charities that will benefit from the sale of the calendars are Bermuda Bicycle Association; Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Bermuda Zoological Society; Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Bermuda; Friends of Hospice; Open Airways; PALS; Packwood House; and Scars.

Rubis Energy Bermuda said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on the way of life in Bermuda. Its arrival has meant a change to the way we used to do things. To adjust to this ‘new normal’, residents have had to either engage new methods of practicing traditions or foregoing them completely. The 2021 theme will reflect local traditions, dare we say, of ‘yesteryear’, and how they were celebrated. Each calendar month will feature a clearly identifiable, and relatable Bermudian tradition that has specific meaning for that month”.

The 2021 calendars are now available at Rubis service stations. Businesses that want to bulk-buy to give their staff a calendar as a “stocking filler” can call 297-1577.

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