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First Longtail release of the year

Bermuda Zoological Society
Friday, June 1, 2018

Excerpt WILD News June 2018.


In the early morning of Monday, 28th May, Roma Hayward, Animal Care and Quarantine Officer, released our first rehabilitated longtail of the season.

The longtail was received by Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ) Aquarist, Jorge Sanchez, on Sunday, 27th May, after Tracy Peterson and her family rescued the bird from their property.

The family had been out boating all day, and when they returned home their dog, Daisy, ran over to their water tank and started to paw at it. Upon investigating what was bothering Daisy, they discovered that a longtail had found its way into their tank.

Tracy immediately contacted BAMZ about what they should do with the bird, as they were concerned that it could be injured. Jorge immediately went to the property and removed the bird from the water tank.

Upon arrival at BAMZ, the bird was examined and it was determined that it had not sustained any injuries, but that it did need to stay overnight for rest and to be monitored. In the morning of the 28th, the bird was reexamined for injuries and then cleared for release. It was also fitted with an identification band so that it could be identified if found in the future.




Typically, when we receive longtail chicks we rehabilitate them to the point of release. We aim to take them to Nonsuch Island, where they can be released from an elevated altitude, to give the bird the best possible chance at its first flight. However, as this was an adult longtail that we received, we released it from our docked boat Callista.



If you encounter a similar situation, where you discover an injured animal on your property or in the wild, please either contact BAMZ at (441) 293-2727 or download the Animal strandings and marine emergencies contact form.