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Kids donate birthday money to BZS

Bermuda Zoological Society
Friday, June 1, 2018

Excerpt WILD News June 2018


Instead of spending their birthday money on video games or the latest dolls, on Monday 14th May 11-year-old Oliver "Olly" Cherry and 8-year-old twins Hayleigh and April Cherry presented Dr. Ian Walker, curator of the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, with a donation of their birthday money to be put towards the Bermuda Zoological Society's education programmes.

The children felt that instead of purchasing items for themselves, that they knew they would eventually lose interest in, they would donate the money towards the BZS so that other children could have the opportunity to learn and grow as stewards of the environment.


The Somerfield students donated over $600 to the BZS, after they collected the money from their birthdays.

Dr. Walker warmly welcomed the gesture.

"I think it's outstanding and remarkable that that these children could be so selfless," said Dr. Walker. "Our BZS education programmes provide experiences for over 8,000 students and year, and this money with be a great benefit to the programmes. A big thank you to the Cherry children for their donation."